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Behind 'the scenes'

"Besides an overview of paintings, projects and installations, I'd like to share some impressions from inside and around the studio where my art come to life.

Many of my paintings are made in oils, they need drying time (between a few days and weeks) - especially when layers and texture are required.

When you enter my studio, you will first notice the distinct smell of the oil (paint). Looking around the space you can usually find a large number of finished paintings stacked against a wall and several other works in progress on the easel, large table or on another wall.

You can often find me walking along the beach, looking out onto the sea and enjoying the East Sussex landscape. Living next to the sea has had an impact on the way I work - the energy of the sea, the movement. My preference for blue paintings may have something to do with this also. The chalk cliffs are another stunning local feature. They have such a strong yet elegant presence along the coast. I've created my own oil paint with the chalk I collected from one of my walks and incorporate it into my work.

Life as an artist is filled with and fuelled by curiosity, experimentation, learning, research, and interesting collaborations. My background in art therapy and interest in psychology and perception led me to work with prisoners, refugees, renowned scientists and wonderfully talented artist colleagues. 

A final art work is always the result of a great journey!"

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