Welcome to my website, I hope it will leave you inspired and uplifted.  Art is incredibly important to me. Making it, viewing it and connecting with myself and others though it. Art has always been a great tool for me to make sense of the world. There's a constant dialogue between me and my artworks, about life, relationships, nature, science....whatever concept I'm working on... it allows me to reflect and process the information I have accumulated through research, my work as a therapist but also what I have absorbed on a more sub-conscous level. 

I recently moved from London to Brighton where I've opened a studio. I teach abstract painting in an art school in London and see clients for artistic therapy in my private practice in central London. 

After years of painting and drawing and having trained and worked as an Artistic Therapist in the Netherlands, I was awarded a scholarship for a MA Fine Arts in the UK in 2003. The technical and versatile nature of glass made me decide to transfer to the MA Glass course (based at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland) which I completed in 2004. 

Glass as a medium was a perfect fit with my ideas and research on 'vulnerability' and 'power'. I continue to use this wonderful medium as well as various other sculptural media.


My work has been exhibited internationally and is part of various private collections. I also creates bespoke art with the aim to help transform live and workspaces.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Anniek xx



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