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A video installation by Anniek Verholt

Launched: Blue Monday, 16 January 2023, 6-8pm hosted by My Brighton Hotel

Breathe is based on a physical oil painting made by the artist in 2022 (Breathe, 200 x 200cm). With this video installation Verholt invites the viewer to slow down and take a moment to catch a breath. A gentle reminder to look after ourselves and particularly our emotional and mental health.


The image moves in line with a 4-7-8 breath cycle which is known to have benefits for stress reduction and relaxation. 


As a multidisciplinary artist with a special interest in psychology, colour perception and mental health, Verholt feels particularly passionate about the role art can play in the public realm. She hopes Breathe will reach a wider audience - including viewers who may not usually visit galleries or join a wellbeing programme. 


Anniek has studios in Brighton and Athens, a background in Art Therapy (BA ’00) and runs therapeutic arts sessions for various groups, individuals and organisations, incl. Thameside prison. 

Follow her on instagram for updates, videos and photographs of Breathe

This screening was made possible with the help of: My Brighton Hotel, Inspiring-Learning, Amoeba, Creative Giants and C3productions. 

Ways to support the touring of this installation

Order 'Breathe' - the limited edition (150) signed giclee print - here. £200 (excl postage).

Commission or sponsor 'Breathe' - and help tour the installation to new locations and audiences. 

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