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Wings of Opportunity

A project that started in 2010 in a primary school in Hackney, East London. Anniek led a clinical and creative service in the school supporting children with emotional and psycho-social needs. 


For this project children were invited to create a pair of wings out of paper. Anniek traveled that year to several destinations around the world with these wings where she photographed and filmed them. The film ‘Wings’ was created and the children, often from deprived backgrounds with few opportunities to travel, got to experience the travel adventures of their wings at different locations around the world.

The children who had taken part in this project were invited to talk about what they would do if they had wings. The glass wings,  created and exhibited alongside this film, are the embodiment of this ‘spirit’, a spirit of infinite possibilities.

Wings of Opportunity involved over 350 children in London and abroad.  The project resulted in a series of photographs, a film, collaboration and workshops at a Hong Kong glass studio and a solo exhibition at the Unit Gallery in Hong Kong sponsored by the Dutch Embassy in Hong Kong. 



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